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Customs Officials from“the Belt and Road” Developing Countries Visited TFO

Author:TFO    View Count:58    Release Time:2019/8/15 10:57:36

On 8th Aug. 2019 afternoon, numbers of customs officials from East Timor, Madagascar, Belarus, Vietnam and other "the Belt and Road" developing countries came to TFO with the leadership of AIBO( Academy for International Business Officials, Ministry of Commerce) and SSFERTC( Statistical Society for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of China).

They received warm hospitality in our company. Our CEO gave a welcome speech and brief introduction of TFO. The foreigners listened very carefully and applauded warmly after the speech. Then our relevant person guided them to enter the Optical Fiber Department. Our manager introduced the production and testing process of the fiber. He gave a speech combined with pictures and objects, which gave all people a preliminary concept of the following visit. Later, they visited the Fiber Department and Fiber Quality Control Department. They saw the optical fiber perform, knew how the perform became to fiber. They witnessed the process of fiber tension screened, inspected, colored and classified, and finally become semi-finished products. They listened and looked carefully during the visit, and sometimes communicated with the speaker. The professionalization of our production staff and the precision and intelligence of our production process impressed the foreigner deeply.

This visited was guided by the cooperation between government and enterprises, aiming to deepen the integrated development of China JiangBei New Area Software Park companies and other foreign economic and trade industries. Responding to the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, new opportunities may be provided in the future development for our company. We took a group photo in the hall after the orderly visit. Then the foreign officials were reluctant to leave and praised highly to TFO.

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